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  • 24-25 Sept. 2022, Wichita KS

    Guest Info

    What you need to know about the
    McConnell AFB Open House and Airshow

Frontiers In Flight: Parking Map & Directions

Please click map for download.

Coming From North Rock Road:

Drive south on Rock Road. After Pawnee, enter the right lane and volunteers will direct you to park either on Cessna fields (Google Map) or on to base parking through the main gate (Map). 

Coming from South Rock Road:

Drive north on Rock Road. After 47th street, there will be signs for Air Show Parking. There will be volunteers directing you to enter at the main gate (Map).

Coming from West Pawnee:

Drive east on Pawnee. After Woodlawn, there will be signs and volunteers directing you to park on the Cessna field (Map). Follow the cones.

Coming from East Pawnee:

Drive west on Pawnee. Turn left on Rock Road and enter the right lane where volunteers will direct you to Cessna field (Map) or on-base parking through the main gate (Map).

2022 Frontiers In Flight Event Map

*This map is subject to change up to the dates of the show. Click image to download. 

What Should I Bring?

Here's a handy guide to what you can bring to the Air Show as well as some suggestions to make your day at McConnell more comfortable. 

What Should I Bring?

Small Items

Empty, clear plastic bottles for water, snacks in non-glass containers, small purses, umbrellas (must be smaller than personal golf umbrella)

Larger Items

Collapsible Seating (folding/camp chairs - backpack type), blankets, wheelchairs and other medical devices, backpack-style bags smaller than 1 cu. ft.

For Viewing

Cameras, video recorders, binoculars, tripods (must be able to demonstrate all items are operable)

For Food/Vendor Purchases

Credit Cards / Mobile Payment / Cash (NO ATMs are available on-site)

For Children

Strollers, wagons for toddlers, hearing protection, diaper bags (may include backpack-style bags smaller than 1 cu. ft.)

For Medical Needs

Portable coolers for medicines and medical equipment are allowed; all items are subject to screening.

Suggestions to Pack

Comfortable shoes, hearing protection, sunscreen, cameras, empty clear plastic bottles for water, pen for autographs, hat with a visor, sunglasses, cash (NO ATMs on site), sufficient gas in your vehicle's tank to wait in congested traffic, backpack-style bags smaller than 1 cu. ft.
Prohibited Items

Weapons of any kind

Including: pocket knives, pocket tools, scissors, box cutters, nunchucks, Billy clubs, large/heavy chain-linked jewelry or belts, mace/pepper spray, firearms

Alcohol, illegal drugs

Toys that resemble firearms

Marijuana/CBD oil

Posession and use of marijuana or CBD oil is illegal on all federal installations

Flammable Items/Fireworks

Large Portable Sun Protection

Tents, large umbrellas, canopies of any kind

Walking sticks

(not to include medical canes or walkers)

Spray paint/Silly string

Wheeled recreational devices

Golf carts, bicycles, skateboards, heelies, roller skates, rollerblades


Empty, clear plastic bottles for water will get through checkpoints. There will be water stations available for attendees to fill up.

Cooking Equipment

Including grills


Large Bags

Rucksacks, backpacks, or large purses bigger than 1 cubic foot.

Walkie-talkies, HAM radios, scanners


Drones or radio-controlled aircraft

Animals or Pets

(service animals permitted in accordance with ADA rules)



Let us help you find your little one

Parents & Guardians - Don't Fret! The Air Show is a big place, but we're here to help.

Safety Step 1: Grab a wristband for each child at any of the three main flight line entrance points and be sure to add your phone number on the band. This will help us locate you!

Military & Family Readiness has an RV set up near the STEM & Kid Zone to keep your kids safe. If you find a lost child or you've lost track of yours, please come find our staff at the RV and we'll do our best to help you sort it out! 

NOTE: We will also have a nursing and changing station. We will also have a lost & found for any items misplaced during the Air Show. Please check here if you've lost something other than a child, too!


Let's have some Air Show fun! 

Come play on the flight line! So, you've seen the static displays, you've gotten your snacks from the concession stands, and you've walked what feels like 500 miles. Before you walk 500 more, swing by the Kid Zone and let the littles work off some extra energy!

We've got turbo tubs, ladder climb, an inflatable slide, temporary tattoos, fun party hair, and a Lego station! We'll be open throughout the Air Show, so plan to take a break with us! 

Come find us at the North end of the flight line near the STEM hangar and the Lost Child Trailer! 


The sky will be buzzing with activity as our military and civilian air acts show off their piloting prowess, but the flight line will also be filled with some impressive aircraft from the Air Force, Army, and civilians. Take a tour and check them out on Sept 24 & 25! 

Frontiers in Flight 2022

Keep in mind that any number of things can affect fly-ins on or before the show date, so this list may be subject to change prior to Sept. 24. 
  • Dream Lifter
  • 777
  • KC-135s
  • KC- 46s
  • KC-10
  • Bombardier Global 7500
  • A-26 "Lady Liberty"
  • C-47
  • Army helicopters (Chinook, Blackhawk, Apache)
  • Humvees & MRAPs tanks
  • A-10s
  • F-16s
  • T-1, T-6, T-38
  • Textron T-6
  • T-33
  • F-5Ns
  • War Birds
  • 1940s Stearmans
  • 1941 Stinson
  • L2M
  • L4M
  • PT-19B
  • C-150 JPAGS
  • UC-78
  • PT-28
  • Cessna o-2B "SNOOPY"

    And 20 other General aviation aircraft


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